Does plastic in the ocean cause problem for our existence?

Does plastic in the ocean cause problem for our existence?

A case study on the plastics that are found in the ocean
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Does plastic in the ocean cause problem for our existence?

14 million tons of plastic end up in the ocean every year. 80% of marine debris from surface water to the deep sea is made of plastic. Currently, there is 5.25 trillion macro & micro pieces of plastics in our ocean. You might not be aware but every year, 1 million seabirds & 100,000 marine animals die from plastic pollution. 


These are not mere facts, but a reflection of what we have done to our oceans in these years. The harm caused due to this won’t just stay limited to marine lives. If no sincere efforts are taken to reduce this plastic pollution, humankind will put its existence at a huge risk. 


Confused about how it will impact your life? 


Let’s begin by understanding what types of plastic exactly go into the oceans. 

what types of plastics are found in the ocean?

As per a study published in nature sustainability, the top four items found in the ocean consisted of plastic bags, plastic bottles, plastic cutlery & plastic wrappers. The remaining waste in the ocean consisted of synthetic ropes, fishing-related items, plastic caps & lids, beverage cans, industrial waste, & much more. However, the four items listed above comprised 44% of the total waste in the ocean. 


Remember the last trip you had? No matter where you went, take a note of the plastic waste you generated in those days. The plastic items designed especially for tourism are neither recyclable nor compostable. They are simply used once & thrown away. These disposable single-use plastic items remain in the ocean and add up to the existing plastic waste. 

Day-to-day life

Remember when you plan an event with either friends or family? To make it much easier & stress-free, we all resort to disposable cutlery. For the ease of serving, we order mineral water bottles. The leftover food is further stored & passed on in plastic bags or wraps. Everywhere and at every point, we use plastic. 


Now, you might wonder! How does this go into the ocean? 


Well, what do you think happens to the plastic that is thrown in the bin. Due to its nature of being a single-use material, it is dumped in landfills. As a result of climate change, toxic & harmful chemicals are released from it. It further gets buried in the ground deteriorating the quality of soil or it flows into the oceans as microplastics. 


So, the waste generated at your home reaches the oceans, directly or indirectly. 

the stakes are high…

Building a new habit of carrying your bag, cutlery & bottle might seem hard. Organizing a party without any kind of plastic usage can ask for a little more effort. However, the question here is about the existence of mankind. If we don’t fight against the plastic on the outside, later we will have to find against microplastics in the human body. 




The microplastics and all other pollutants in the ocean get evaporated. This comes back to us in the form of rain and becomes a part of not only our external lives but also our diet. Rain is one of the main sources through which farmers fulfil their need for water in the farming process. Our surroundings are already starting to show the sign of harm caused by the presence of plastic in the ocean. 


The death of multiple marine lives is just the beginning. If proper actions are not taken, this can result in the death of multiple humans as well in the coming future. Everything that we throw away today, will eventually come back to us in the future, or maybe to our children.  

cut the trash…

This doesn’t mean you stop travelling or avoid having street food or avoid celebrating. The best way is to carry a travellers kit with you. When you have your water bottle, cutlery & and eco-friendly bag, the chances of generating waste become almost zero. Moreover, instead of wrapped foods, try to get a taste of local foods while you travel. Enjoy the traditional & authentic taste of your destination to get its essence. Instead of using disposable cutlery, you can propose everyone to bring their cutlery.


Awenest understands the need of the hour and thus promises to deliver you all eco-friendly items plastic-free. The Manufacturing, packaging & delivery process of every product are carried out without any use of plastic. Let’s all take a small step towards a healthy & green future by being conscious of our consumption. 


A way will be found, 

If you are strong enough to hold your ground!


Be firm with your choices, 

Ignore all the other voices!


We only have one earth, & to save it, 

every small action is worth it!


brinda shah is a freelance content writer. she is a ca turned into a writer who loves to read, write & meditate. you can connect with her on linkedin and on instagram

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