The Ultimate Guide for Sustainable Travelling

The Ultimate Guide for Sustainable Travelling

How to shift to eco-friendly and sustainable travelling
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The Ultimate Guide for Sustainable Travelling


At the end of every trip, you bring along a lot of new memories. But, have you wondered about the things you left behind after your trip?


Plastic Waste


Carbon Footprint


Wasted Resources




Loss of Natural Habitat


This is not intended to make you feel guilty about travelling. It is just an effort to bring your attention to a very crucial topic. According to the United Nations World Tourism Organization, tourism contributes to 5% of global carbon dioxide emissions. The plastic waste generated at the beaches becomes a part of the ocean and harms marine lives. The same waste destroys the natural beauty of hill stations and mountains.


How can such travel be considered enjoyment, when it is putting our existence at stake? 

So, should we stop travelling?

Travelling is what brings all of us alive. Avoiding travel is not a solution to end this. You can take care of a few things while you travel that will reduce the waste. Eco-travelling or sustainable travelling takes care of your needs and nature’s need at the same time. Here’s a list of things that will help you travel more sustainably.

  • Carry your bottle

Water is a basic need in every journey. While travelling, people resort to buying bottled water. However, bottled water is harmful to your body and the environment. So, the best option to stay hydrated is to carry your water bottle. A copper or glass bottle works best while travelling. You can refill the bottle whenever it’s empty and drink it on the go.


The more plastic bottles you buy, the more waste adds up to the landfills or the oceans. So, having your bottle will result in less generation of plastic waste. Check out the best planet-friendly bottle options, here.

  • Reusable Straws

Coconut water, smoothies & mocktails are all part and parcel of every fun trip. Plastic straws used in enjoying those drinks can be hazardous. Millions of plastic straws end up in the ocean, suffocating marine creatures and destroying their habitat.  However, skipping the drinks can never be an option. You can hop on the trend of having your reusable straw. It will help you in enjoying all your drinks guilt-free.


Your decision of carrying a reusable straw can save lives and help the planet. To take care of your hygiene, don’t forget to clean the straw every time you use it. Explore this wonderful combo of straw and cleaner, here.

  • Carry a reusable bag

Shopping is a way to bring back the essence of your destination. It can either be a small souvenir, local handicraft, jewellery or some other product. Plastic bags are the prime options that will be used to help you carry those gifts around. Ditch the plastic and have your carry bags. With your cloth bag or any other reusable bag, you will avoid all the plastic on your way while shopping.

  • Carry your cutlery

One of the best things about travelling is delicious food. It introduces you to the local culture & their taste. These meals come along with the dangers of plastic cutlery. Carry reusable cutlery to avoid creating any kind of waste and to save yourself from harmful plastic. You can either choose to go with bamboo cutlery or steel cutlery based on your preference. Here are some of the best options that we have for cutlery.

  • Disposal of waste

In spite of all the reusable items at your rescue, if you end up creating any waste, dispose of it responsibly. Beaches, Mountains and beautiful cultural destinations don’t look good surrounded by -


* food wrappers,

* bottles,

* paper napkins,

* disposable glasses, and

* other similar items.


It’s high time to blame the government for its responsibility to keep the places clean. Now is the time to show accountability for the waste that we create and dispose of consciously.

  • Eat & travel locally

Along with reducing waste, sustainable travelling also means reducing the carbon footprint. For that, you can consume local foods and enjoy authentic recipes. For travelling, choose local places and travel by cycle or walk your way to explore. Moreover, you can also choose to stay at places that are eco-friendly hotels. Such hotels are conscious of their contribution to the environment. They make necessary changes in their working structure to become more sustainable.

So, are you ready for eco-friendly travel?

We assure you travel will be as fun as it used to be. Going local will help you connect with the destination. Don't worry, if you are new to the whole sustainable travel theme. Here are some wonderful traveller’s kit that covers the essential items you will need


Make your next trip guilt-free and enjoy your travel. To get some wonderful hacks and tips for sustainable tips, stay connected.


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