the beautiful process of putting flower waste to use

Flowercycling - the beautiful process of putting flower waste to use


Flowers play a huge role in Indian culture. From decoration to worship, every auspicious ritual in various Indian cultures is incomplete without flowers. More than 800 million tonnes of flowers are offered across temples, churches, gurudwara and mosques in India. More than 8 million tonnes of flowers are dumped in the river every year. This further harms the water bodies and adversely impacts the ecosphere. 


The organic matter gathers in water bodies and causes pollution, spreads diseases and many other problems. Moreover, it also impacts the living organisms in the water. Appropriate disposal of used flowers can lead to less pollution in the environment. Flower cycling is the solution to the problem of flower pollution. Just like we recycle plastic, there is a process called flower cycling.  


What is flower cycling? 

Flower cycling technology puts flower waste to the best use. The fragrance is extracted from these flowers and is used to make incense sticks. Charcoal-free incense sticks are one of the products created from waste. Further, the material is also used in making biodegradable packaging material. Along with being beneficial for the environment, charcoal-free incense stick are good for health and helps fossil fuels preservation.


Rivers in India are looked upon as a sacred expression of the divine. People hold a deeper connection with them. For some, river water is the primary source of their household needs. It is regular for people to drink water from certain rivers, use it for household purposes and bathe in it. Considering these, it becomes a prime responsibility to look after the cleanliness of rivers. 


The process of flower cycling is one such process that reduces waste and creates eco-friendly products. At awenest, we are proud to exhibit ‘Phool’, the brand that initiated the process of flower cycling in Uttar Pradesh and saved the River Ganges from a lot of flower pollution. This is a perfect example of a circular economy that smartly tackles the challenge of waste and pollution. 


Benefits of flower cycling

This process of flower cycling comes with manifold benefits to society. It is helpful to the environment and communities residing near the river. The favourable changes brought by the flower cycling process are as follows - 


  • Rivers are clean

Flower waste acts as a raw material for flower cycling. This reduces the waste released in the rivers and keeps them clean. As a result, there is less pollution, odour and diseases. 



  • Healthy communities

Many communities reside on the river banks and bathe in the rivers as a part of sacred ceremonies. Flower cycling frees the water bodies from waste and thus assures health for people who come in direct contact with river water. 


  • Employment Generated

Flower waste, which could have harmed humans and water lives, is creating an opportunity for humans. Collecting, bifurcating and curating products provides employment to many individuals. 


  • Inspiration for the world

The power of flower cycling is immense and can be an inspiration for the whole world. Climate change, waste and pollution are some of the most crucial topics we need to work on. Startups like Phool are a great way to address global issues. 


The least we can do as a consumer is, support the right brands!


At awenest, we respect and appreciate the efforts of every eco-friendly brand. One such brand that initiated the process of flower cycling is Phool. Show your love and support by buying some of their eco-friendly incense sticks, essential oils, and incense cones. Choose from a wide range of fragrances, lavender, tulsi, citronella, rose, rosemary, white cedar, and many more. 


Phool has the perfect companion for you on your spiritual or religious journey. Also, check out the eco-friendly products at awenest and support sustainable living. 


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