How to shift to sustainable lifestyle

How to shift to sustainable lifestyle

8 Easy-to-execute ideas that will kickstart your zero-waste journey in 2023
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8 Easy-to-execute ideas that will kickstart your zero-waste journey in 2023


Human-induced climate change is a threat to the environment. 2015-2022 are the eight warmest years due to the climate change impacts. In 2022, we all became a little more conscious about the damage caused to the planet. People gathered from all around the world to find solutions, and implementation began. 


Amidst all that, the only question that you can ask is, 


“What can I do to help the planet as an individual?”


If you are looking for simple ways to begin your journey of zero-waste living, then this is the perfect place to be. Choose any or all of these habits and implement them. Slowly, make them a part of your lifestyle. Initially, pick the easily implementable ones. It will give you the motivation to go ahead and add on a few new habits as well.  


So, here is the list of 8 easy-to-execute ideas for your zero-waste journey - 


Switch to a Bamboo toothbrush

Your contribution to the waste begins as soon as you begin your day. So, let us start with the first thing we do when we wake up: brush our teeth. Plastic toothbrushes take years to decompose and release microplastics in the long term. 


Using a bamboo toothbrush is a compostable and sustainable alternative. At the end of its shelf life, you can remove the bristles and put the toothbrush in composting bin. Awenest is here with an amazing offer of 3 bamboo toothbrushes for just Rs. 99.


Explore the power of using wooden neem combs

The plastic comb you used in your childhood might still be somewhere in the landfill polluting the land, water and soil nearby. A simple shift to wooden neem combs can eliminate those plastic combs from being added to landfill. Moreover, the benefit of wooden neem combs is also great. You can find the advantages of using neem comb here. 


You can get 3 sustainable wooden neem combs from awenest just for Rs. 197. Grab this opportunity and buy them now for your whole family. 


Gift yourself a reusable & foldable steel glass

Every time you are on a trip, do you consume beverages in a disposable cup? 


What if we tell you about a sustainable alternative that will not take up much space and cost? All you have to do is buy this reusable and foldable steel glass. 


Its foldable nature allows you to store it anywhere easily, even in your pockets. If you are concerned about hygiene and cleanliness, then it’s totally in your hands. Wash your cup daily and every time after use to avoid any issues. Having a steel cup is the first step towards taking responsibility for your trash and not waiting for the vendors to act upon it. 


Ditch the plastic utensil scrubber

Do you also clean utensils the conventional way? Those plastic scrubbers that seem to be so friendly are indeed highly risky. Every rub on the vessel comes with the possibility of releasing microplastics into the water bodies of the locality. These further contaminate the larger water bodies and put marine life at risk. Let alone the harm caused after its disposal, plastic scrubbers begin the damage as soon as their use begins.


Well, what to do then? 


We have an eco-friendly alternative made of coconut fibre. It is as impactful as a plastic scrubber. It can be easily composted after usage and will not harm the water bodies. Explore different types of the sustainable scrubber at awenest. 


Carry a Cloth Bag with you

The most talked about but not fully implemented habit is carrying a cloth bag whenever you go shopping. Whether it's buying groceries, clothes or any other daily essentials, have a cloth bag with you. The fewer plastic bags are circulated, the lesser it will be produced. The shops and vendors in many places have also been supportive by offering cloth bags instead of plastic bags. It acts as a reminder for every customer to make the shift. 


Eliminate the usage of plastic cutlery and opt for reusable cutlery

Every time you get a snack or meal from the outside, do you also contribute to the landfill with plastic cutlery? 


Well, here’s an alternative for you! The set of reusable cutlery that you can carry and use to consume your meals and snacks outdoors. Taking care of your hygiene, having it also reduces your carbon footprint with every meal you take outside.  


With awenest, you can explore many cutlery options and choose the one that suits your needs. This slight shift will help you in reducing your carbon footprint to a huge extent. 


Buy consciously and only when you need it

Indian culture means festivals, marriages, celebrations and occasions. With every event comes the shopping list. Be conscious of your needs, the next time you make this list. Are these things inevitable in your life, or are you just buying them because that’s how it has been for years? 


Higher the consumption, the more waste. Choose options that will last longer instead of going to cheap alternatives. For example, if you go for clothing, buying a sustainable option will last for years compared to fast fashion clothing which lasts for only a few months. Choose wisely the brands you support and promote. Many environmentally aware and supportive brands fulfil your needs and do not harm the environment as well. 


Get into the habit of sharing and borrowing things


Something that might seem like trash to you can be of utility to somebody else. The clothes you do not like can be a gift for someone else. Be open to passing on your things to people who might use them instead of simply tossing them into the bin. Feel free to ask for any commodity that will only be used once or twice a year. 


When you share and borrow things, you are creating more utility for existing products. It puts a stop to mindless buying and the wastage of resources. It’s good to be able to afford things, but it’s best when you know how to put the existing resources to the best use. 


Awenest is a consciously built community to inculcate sustainable practices amongst its members and pass them on to the world. From plastic-free delivery to organic products, this platform provides ideas and sharings of people who have already walked this path. Feel free to engage and connect with the community to soak yourself in sustainability. 


brinda shah is a freelance content writer. she is a ca turned into a writer who loves to read, write & meditate. you can connect with her on linkedin and on instagram

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