How do microplastics enter your body?

How do microplastics enter your body?

Three ways you are consuming microplastics - Unconsciously!

Three ways you are consuming microplastics - Unconsciously!


Recent studies have found that microplastics are present in the human blood. Neither do we eat nor drink plastic, then how did they enter our bodies? This indeed is a matter of concern and needs a deeper analysis. 


So today, we will explore the mediums through which microplastics can enter our bodies. Also, we will look at the actions that we can take to prevent that. Microplastics are small plastic particles of size less than 5mm that have formed from a bigger plastic object. They are not visible to the naked eye but have the potential to cause harm to your body once they enter. 


Here are the primary sources through which they can enter your body - 


The two main sources of microplastics when it comes to eating are the use of plastic utensils/packaging and trophic transfer. Let’s understand each of them in detail. 

plastic utensils

Walkthrough the mall and notice the packaging of maximum products. The sauce pouches, salad dressings, pickles & chutneys, honey, ghee, and other such items will either be packed in plastic pouches or plastic bottles. PET is the most commonly used plastic in the world when it comes to food packaging. Exposure to environmental conditions like heat can cause the plastic particles to break into microplastics and enter your body. 


This brings us to a realization to be conscious about buying products. Awenest brings for you some of the best dressing, sauces & pickles packed in glass bottles. We don’t want you worrying about the microplastics in your food so our manufacturers exclusively use glass bottles.

trophic transfer

Animals also end up eating microplastics either in the ocean or from the land. If you are someone who consumes a non-vegetarian meal, chances are, that plastic will pass on to you. When animals carrying plastic are eaten by humans, the plastic transfers ahead. This process is known as ‘trophic transfer’.


Trophic means food chain and in this case, something is being passed on from one food chain to another, hence trophic transfer. This brings us to a realization that non-vegetarian food can be much more dangerous. It is better to shift to a wholesome diet filled with plants, grains & fruits. 


Whenever you consume water from bottled water, chances are, you are consuming microplastics with every sip. Just like the food stored in a plastic container can be harmful, water can be too. No matter where you go, always carry your bottle with you. This way, you will avoid buying plastic bottles and save yourself from the harm caused due to microplastics.  


Bottled water comes to you after days of being packed. During this period it has been through heat and many different seasons. The impact of heat on the bottle creates a reaction and chemicals along with microplastics leach into your body. 


If you want to learn in-depth about how plastic bottles cause harm to the planet and your health, click here. Also, if you are ready to take the responsibility for your health and bring a shift in your habits, check out our collection of wonderful copper bottles.

cosmetics & personal care

The products that we use to keep our skin fresh & healthy are causing harm. Face wash, scrubs, sunscreens, lotions, creams and other personal care products contain microplastics. You might have noticed microbeads in some of the products. These are microplastics of less than 1mm in size. Not only this, but even toothpaste also contains microplastics that can get stuck in the gum and trap bacteria. 


Microplastics are added to the products to increase the thickness and give an attractive look through the glitter, lend adhesive quality and for other similar effects. As per a study conducted, 50% of facewash samples & 67% of scrubs confirmed the presence of tiny microplastics. 


Polyethene is one of the most common forms of plastic used in personal care products. Avoid buying products without reading the ingredients. Moreover, you can shift to eco-friendly products made from natural ingredients. Our clean beauty section offers some of the best plastic-free personal care products. 


Unconsciously, you might be breathing microplastics in your body now and then! Shocked to hear this right? Well, here’s the proof that microplastics are present in the air. 


An event of microplastic falling from the air was witnessed in one of the mountains a few years ago. The research and studies conducted based on that event concluded that microplastics are the new atmospheric pollutant. As per the studies conducted on microplastics, their presence was found outdoors and indoors. 


This creates a much more terrifying situation. If microplastics have begun to enter the air, should we stop breathing? 


Well, it’s not too late to act!


The microplastic found falling from the sky is a result of polluted waters in the ocean. The plastic-filled water in the ocean evaporates and falls back again to the ground along with the plastic. Eventually, what we are giving is coming back to us!




“Reduce the plastic USE” is what we come back to!


Before we end up creating a plastic planet, we should take a step toward plastic-free life and swap our daily life products. It can be a toothbrush, straw, cup, bag, pencil, pen, or any other thing that comes to your mind. Awenest brings an opportunity for you to swap and switch to a plastic-free option. Explore our shop and create a change to support our planet’s well-being. 


Author-brinda shah is a freelance content writer. she is a ca turned into a writer who loves to read, write & meditate. you can connect with her on linkedin  and on instagram 

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