Listicle - 5 Ideas on how to gently explain

Listicle - 5 Ideas on how to gently explain

5 Ideas to make your friends & family comfortable as you set out on your sustainable journey!
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5 Ideas to make your friends & family comfortable as you set out on your sustainable journey!


As days pass, we come across new research and studies highlighting the harms caused by plastics. From our natural resources to marine lives and from our health to our kid's health, plastic has adversely impacted all of them. Amidst this crisis, many individuals choose to pursue an eco-friendly and sustainable life. 


There are 2 main challenges that an individual faces while shifting to a sustainable life - 

  • Letting go of old habits and shifting to a new one.

  • The challenge of convincing people who live around you on this journey.


Whereas the first challenge can be worked out on an individual level, the second challenge needs external support. When living with your friends or family, some habits can feel a little bit uncomfortable and unacceptable to them at first. The real struggle is in convincing them to allow you to follow a sustainable life and later inspire them to take it up as well. 


Today, we will share 5 ideas which will help you in reducing friction with your loved ones on your sustainable journey. Don’t expect an overnight miracle, but you can expect a long-term shift in their thinking when you follow these ideas. So, here it goes - 

  • non-judgemental attitude 

When you become aware of the harm caused by plastic, even the sight of a single bottle can trigger you. However, a person who isn’t aware of the facts won’t understand the concern. Instead of looking at your friends and family, with a judgemental eye for their habits, be compassionate. 


You were also at this stage in your past. As and when the time came, you understood the importance of shifting and took action. Judging someone for their choices can instantly make them defensive and create distance. This will not only close the doors for further improvement but also harm your relationship. 


An attitude of acceptance will help you in sharing more. Your accepting attitude will make them more open to your views and opinions about their choices. So, next time you see someone using a plastic straw, bottle, cup or any vessel, take a pause. Try to understand their point of view and upbringing before you share your perspective. 

  • stick to your habits 

You inspire people by how you act, not by what you say. Irrespective of the ideologies that people around you hold, stick to your sustainability practices. Your commitment to change will eventually inspire them to join, sooner or later. 


Simple acts of sticking to your sustainability habits can look like these - 


  • Even if everyone is going for coconut water without a straw, take your reusable straw with you. 

  • Even if no one carries a bottle while travelling, always keep yours with you. 

  • Even if no one carries a cloth bag while shopping, make sure you have it. 


You never know that sometimes, your cloth bag or bottle of water can come to their rescue. Those will be the moments of realization for them that will initiate the change. 

  • sharing knowledge 

Some people around you might be aware of sustainable living but unaware of the serious impacts plastic creates. The best option is to share the concerns before suggesting alternatives. 


For example, if you choose to educate someone on why they should carry their water bottle, tell them the reason. Share that chemicals might enter their body and disposal of bottles will increase the waste in landfills. Here’s an easy to understand blog which shares the harm of plastic bottles. 


Similarly, you can explain the importance of crucial practices like waste segregation, the use of reusable items and mindful consumption as well. Suggestions backed by an explanation will leave a higher impact. Giving plain and simple instructions on what to do and what not to do can lead to an argument and ego clashes.  

  • gifting sustainable products 

Another wonderful way to gently explain to people the importance of sustainable living is through experience. This experience can be given through gifting sustainable products. It can include - 



Once they use a sustainable product and witness its beauty, they will automatically change. This is by far one of the best ways to bring a change in people’s perspectives on sustainable living. However, gifting works best when the other person has a little bit of idea about sustainable living. If they don’t, educate them and then gift to increase the utility of your gift. 


  • patience is the key

When you accept them, inspire them by your actions, educate them and gift them, they will still need time to adapt. Whether it’s adjusting to your change or bringing a change in their own lives, it will happen slowly. 


If you have read this far, we know you are an eco-freak and need help in convincing people about your choices. So, here’s a link to unlimited informative and easy to understand blogs on sustainability, zero-waste, composting, waste segregation and reusable items. If you find it hard to explain, just share the link. 


Also, to motivate you on your journey, we have a beautiful collection of sustainable and eco-friendly products on awenest. Feel free to explore!


Wishing you a happy sustainable journey ahead!


Author-brinda shah is a freelance content writer. she is a ca turned into a writer who loves to read, write & meditate. you can connect with her on linkedin  and on instagram 

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