What problems are toothpaste tablets solving for the environment?

What problems are toothpaste tablets solving for the environment?

How can toothpaste tablet help the planet?

What problems are toothpaste tablets solving for the environment? 


Every year the whole world generates waste of 1.5 billion toothpaste tubes. These discarded toothpaste tubes end up in landfills and eventually become part of water bodies. Along with converting into microplastics, they pollute the water. In the long term, this harms marine life and human beings. 


Let us give a moment to understand the current scenario about toothpaste tubes. Most toothpaste tubes comprise plastic and aluminium. Such materials make it difficult for them to be recycled. The conventional method of recycling fails to recycle them effectively. 


As an alternative, some companies have come up with recyclable toothpaste tubes. Instead of aluminium, they use High-Density Polyethylene. It is one of the most widely recyclable plastics globally and is extremely thin. To recycle, one needs to clean, segregate & send it to a recycling facility. There is still a question on the consistency of such disciplined action.  


Another alternative that can be helpful in such a scenario is 'toothpaste tablets'. 


What are toothpaste tablets? 


Toothpaste tablets are a sustainable alternative to toothpaste tubes. These tablets are made by taking the traditional paste and eliminating the water. The dry content is pressed and converted into tablets. Each tablet serves a single person once. You can pop a tablet in your mouth and chew it. The saliva in the mouth helps the tablet dissolve, and a wet brush will further help in cleaning your teeth. 


At awenest, we have chemical-free, organic, plastic free and cruelty-free toothpaste tablets. Available in peppermint, clove, tangerine mint, cherry vanilla, activated charcoal and many other flavours, these tablets take care of your oral hygiene. They are available in glass jars that be utilized in many ways. The waste generated with toothpaste tablets is zero if you put the empty bottle to proper use. 


How can they help the planet? 


Using toothpaste tablets is a great way to reduce the burden of waste on the planet. Here are some remarkable benefits of using toothpaste tablets from awenest - 


Less Waste, Less Pollution

As tablets are dry and chemical-free, the jar can be reused. Growing a plant or using it for household purposes is the best option. Unlike toothpaste tubes, you will not have to throw them away. It leads to a reduction in the waste generated and thus reduces the pollution in water bodies. 


Toothpaste tablets are easy to carry

Carrying toothpaste can be a fuss while travelling. The fear of leakage and things getting messy always persists. Using toothpaste tablets puts this fear to an end. All you need to carry are toothpaste tablets and a brush. Free yourself from the worry of leakage while travelling. 


Toothpaste tablets are chemical Free

The tablets at awenest are chemical-free and specially designed to keep your teeth clean without causing any harm. Along with taking care of the planet, we have also considered the well-being of our community members. 


Guilt-free living with tablets

Every morning when you wake up and brush your teeth, you will be relieved from the burden and guilt of polluting the planet. Using these tablets reflects your sense of responsibility towards mother earth.  


They are effective like toothpaste


You might wonder, 


Are these tablets effective in keeping my mouth clean?


Yes, they are! They are effective in terms of freshness, plaque control and maintaining cleanliness. Your oral health does not need to be taken care of at the cost of the planet’s health. 


Toothpaste tablets at awenest


The shift in your morning routine is about to begin as you choose to get a bamboo toothbrush and toothpaste tablets. If you have second thoughts about buying these toothpaste tablets, here is a perspective. 


Imagine everybody using lots of plastic things for years to come. The waste is collected and dumped in landfills, released into the oceans and stuffed here and there. You might not have to face such a situation, but the coming generation will bear the consequences. Not only that, the future generation will imitate what it sees and will add to it. 


Instead, what if we make small shifts every day and eventually reduce our waste? It will collectively manifest into a community that generates the least waste and takes care of the planet. The future generation will be grateful for such a community and follow in its footsteps, reducing some more waste. 


Be awenest! What part would you like to play in the evolution? 


We know you are smart enough to choose the best!


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